I am a fine artist who specialises in detailed drawings, paintings & etchings
Pat Hodkinson - Houses


My particular interest lies in the intricacies of buildings. I paint watercolours of individual buildings and have taken a variety of commissions from private clients. I will visit the site, sketch and take digital images which I work from at home. Please view my work on the Houses window
Pat Hodkinson - Etchings


I have produced a series of prints based on buildings and landscape using the process of etching which allows me to draw with an extremely delicate line. I first worked with this process in my college days but more recently attended sessions at Slade Summer School which re-introduced etching to me. I work on copper plates and limit editions to approximately 50. The prints show intricate line and detail and are generally representational. Please view the Etchings window.
Pat Hodkinson - Canvases


My canvases are larger drawings with subtle layers of colour and are inspired by the natural landscape. They are more experimental and enable me to explore a freer style of drawing. Please view the Canvases window.